SIPs are an incredible innovation and we have dialed in our manufacturing process. But, the effectiveness of panels as a building element is only as good as how well they were installed. We can safely say that no company has more experience in installing SIPs than we do. Here’s what you should know about our installers.

  • Foard Panel installers are Foard Panel employees
    Our crews travel anywhere we sell our panels. By using our own people, we can maintain and grow their quality, efficiency, and our proprietary methodology honed over decades. Our crew leads also have an average of 15 years experience.

  • We bring our cranes so you don’t have to
    Renting large-scale equipment, like the cranes required to “fly” our panels into place, and the skilled drivers who operate them can be a startling expense. By bringing our own people and equipment to you, it defrays your costs while maintaining safety and quality.

  • Experience and training matters more in this case
    Labor is often the single largest expense for a construction job, so experience matters in getting things done quickly, smoothly, and correctly. More than that, our installers are all OSHA certified for safety and compliance.

  • Our process is proprietary and proven
    Quality is one of those things everyone claims, but few define. Our installation standards are, bar none, the best in the industry—exceeding even that of SIPA, our industry trade group. We build for life because we build better.

SIP quality is incredibly important, and we have that, but little is more important than how those SIPs are installed. We don’t like to trust a structure’s build quality and ongoing durability to anyone but us, and you shouldn’t either. Contact us to find out more.