The Hermitage Club at Haystack (VT) was built as the central building and hub of a premier, members-only country club and ski area.


A stunning timber frame was created by our partners at South County Post & Beam to provide a distinctly Vermont look and feel, but with a fairly imposing presence. The biggest challenge of this job was the scope and scale of this building. To say that this was a huge job is an understatement. To provide some perspective, this one building required 16 trailer trucks’ worth of panels that we trucked up the mountain and assembled onsite. This was in addition to the 13 semi trucks of douglas fir for the actual timber frame structure. The roof alone was built with two acres of roof panels. The result, however, speaks for itself in the grandeur and opulence one might expect from a private ski resort in the Green Mountains of Vermont, just down the road from Mount Snow.