Internationally known interior decorator Muriel Brandolini wanted a home that was up to the challenge of complementing and holding her stunning collection of art and furnishings without feeling like a museum.


We worked with her architect, Raffaella Bortoluzzi from Labo Design Studio in NYC, to create an uncommon level of comfort and understated beauty in a structure built to handle the uncertain weather of the Hampton Bays area of Long Island.The house is built on a gentle slope that presents a single-level home for the public’s view, but opens up to two floors on the ocean view side. Speaking of the ocean view, this house is in a hurricane zone and was designed and built to withstand a direct hit. An interesting note for us is that this was the first job in which we pre-assembled all of the wall systems—not just the panels—here at our facility and brought them in, on the ferry no less, in order to mitigate onsite assembly and to accommodate tight timelines and the complexity of this multi-stage build. One look at the home and we think all would agree: it was all totally worth it. (photos courtesy of Architectural Digest)